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  • Kif tikri dar fil-Messiku

    Kif tikri dar fil-Messiku

    To rent a house in Mexico, start with inmuebles24 and vivanuncios or a FB group like Alquiler De Pisos y habitaciones en Madrid. You can search for it on your own or use an agent. When considering relocating to Mexico, your priority will most likely be to find suitable housing. The good news is that renting […]

  • Operaturi tat-turs kbar għall-Messiku

    Operaturi tat-turs kbar għall-Messiku

    Some great tour operators for Mexico are Intrepid Travel, Trafalgar, Explore, Trip Advisor, and Vallarta Adventures. Mexico has traditionally been among the most visited countries in the world according to the World Tourism Organization, and it is the second-most visited country in the Americas, after the United States. Mexico has ranked as the sixth-most visited […]

  • Malls kbar tax-xiri Fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    Malls kbar tax-xiri Fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    If shopping is your cardio, fill your holiday with trips to places like the upmarket Polanco neighborhood, home to New York’s Fifth Avenue’s Mexican counterpart. Metropolitan Mexico City has a lot to sell to every kind of shopaholic worldwide. In this area, you’ll get the chance to visit giant shopping malls, flea markets, and traditional […]

  • L-aqwa sptarijiet fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    L-aqwa sptarijiet fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    Some of the best hospitals in Mexico City, public or private, are: Hospital Médica Sur  Centro Médico ABC Campus Santa Fe  IMSS – Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI  Centro Médico ABC Campus Observatorio 81.54% (Ciudad de México) IMSS – Centro Medico Nacional La Raza 80.46% (Ciudad de México) The emergency number in Mexico is 911. […]

  • Kif tmur madwar il-Belt tal-Messiku

    Kif tmur madwar il-Belt tal-Messiku

    The best way to get around Mexico City is via Uber or a taxi. The metro is another option. Not only is it fairly clean and quick, but you can ride for approximately 0.25 US Dollars. Plus, most popular tourist attractions are easily accessible by train. Taxis are slightly more expensive, but they are a […]

  • L-aqwa attrazzjonijiet turistiċi fil-Messiku

    L-aqwa attrazzjonijiet turistiċi fil-Messiku

    Long a North American favorite holiday destination, Mexico is also becoming popular. Includes visitors from Europe to enjoy the country’s limitless sunshine, gorgeous sandy beaches, etc… The ancient Aztec sites and historic colonial cities are so significant in Mexico. Thus, many have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Yet, ensuring they remain untouched for […]

  • L-aqwa lukandi fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    L-aqwa lukandi fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    Some of the best hotels in Mexico City are Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, InterContinental Presidente Mexico City, Hilton Mexico City Reforma, JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City Santa Fe, and Las Alcobas. Best hotels in Mexico City These are more details about some of the best hotels in Mexico City. Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City […]

  • Kif tippjana vjaġġ lejn il-Messiku

    Kif tippjana vjaġġ lejn il-Messiku

    To plan a trip to Mexico. Apply for a tourist visa to Mexico if you need one. Find out how you can travel to Mexico, and book a flight if you need. Get affordable accommodation in Mexico. Learn how you want to get around Mexico. For example, from the airport to your accommodation when you […]

  • L-aqwa ristoranti Indjani fil-Belt tal-Messiku

    Some of the top Indian restaurants in Mexico City are: Dawat Mexico, restaurante Taj Mahal, Tandor, Bukhara la cocina hindu, and Royal India. Top Indian restaurants in Mexico City Are you missing the Indian cuisine in Mexico City? We have given the list of the best Indian restaurant in Mexico. The city has about 800 […]

  • X'inhuma l-aqwa banek fil-Messiku?

    X'inhuma l-aqwa banek fil-Messiku?

    The best banks for procedures are Banorte and Santander. That means they have easy and fast services that need limited documentation. The best bank for their customer offers is Banorte. Banorte is the most visible bank around Mexico, especially in the Federal District. It has many cash distributors and lots of agencies that offer further […]