Kif tapplika għall-ażil fir-Repubblika Ċeka

Kif tapplika għall-ażil fir-Repubblika Ċeka

To apply for asylum in the Czech Republic:

  • At the entry point, declare your intention, verbali jew bil-miktub to apply for international protection.

You need protection immediately after suffering persecution or serious harm against you and your family.

You may also search for someone to assist you in learning Czech or interacting with authorities or to spend time with and get to know the Czech surroundings more quickly. Visit the volunteer website

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You can go to the following places for this purpose:

  • Crossing borders at the international airport:  Make an application at the border control desk at Prague Airport if you are flying into the Czech Republic.

  • At l- Reception Center: If you’re currently in the Czech Republic, you can fill out the application at the Foreign Police office in Zastávka Brna or one of the regional Police offices. Locate it on this mappa.

  • Detention: You may apply from a detention facility within seven days of being apprehended and detained by the Foreign Police.

  • If you’re in custody, a hospital, or a home for foreign children, you can apply for asylum directly to the Ministeru ta 'l-Intern.

Asylum process in the Czech Republic

These steps will be taken after you apply for asylum in the Czech Republic

You will be brought to an asylum seeker processing center, where you will:

  • Be identified and;
  • given a medical checkup at the initial stages of the asylum process.

Time spent at reception centers is restricted by law since they are secure facilities. The legal limit allowed by the government is 120 days. However, the typical duration of stay is closer to 14 days.

What happens after leaving the receiving center

Għandek żewġ għażliet:

  • Iddeċiedi to live privately or;
  • Move to open accommodation centers. Asylum seekers who cannot care for themselves while waiting for a determination on international protection might use these centers.

Who decides on your application

L - applikazzjonijiet kollha għal protezzjoni internazzjonali in the Czech Republic are evaluated and decided by the Ministry of the Interior, NUDA. The deadline for making a decision is six months, but it can be extended for certain reasons, such as the case’s complexity or non-cooperation with the decision maker.

At the end of the process, you may be granted the following:

  • asylum or subsidiary protection, or
  • your application may be rejected.

If your application is approved for asylum in the Czech Republic, you will receive the following:

  • A permess ta ’residenza se jagħtik l- right to stay fir-Repubblika Ċeka.
  • You may also apply for a refugee travel document.

Asylum Seekers’ Rights and Responsibilities

If you apply for asylum in the Czech Republic, you have rights and responsibilities in the Czech Republic until the outcome of your asylum application is determined. Among them are some of the following:

  • After waiting six months after applying for international protection, you can use public healthcare and begin working.
  • Asylum seekers are eligible for shelter and welfare services.
  • Legal representation and a native-language interpreter for all interviews.
  • During your asylum process, you may reach out to UNHCR anytime.

To apply for asylum in the Czech Republic, the UNHCR does not evaluate and rule on asylum petitions but supervises the quality of the asylum system. The Asylum Act is the law in the Czech Republic that sets out the rules for granting international protection to people who need it. The DAMP (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) evaluates whether someone meets these rules and decides if they should be granted international protection. They also make decisions about the legal status of stateless individuals.

The Czech Republic, as a member of the European Union, is obligated to work with its neighbors on refugee and asylum matters. International protection, which includes asylum and subsidiary protection, is an ongoing and pressing concern for the Czech Republic and the European Union. This has resulted in the European Union’s member states spending the better part of the last two decades working toward a more uniform and efficient asylum system. In this essay, we will talk about how to apply for asylum in the Czech Republic.

To apply for asylum in the Czech Republic, you will show evidence of an immediate need for international protection in the following ways:

  • Conditions of oppression.
  • Discrimination that resorts to violence and humiliation.
  • Punishment without cause for one’s religious or political convictions.

Alternatively, if it’s too dangerous to return home due to a threat of harm, you could be eligible for subsidiary protection.

Both asylum and subsidiary protection together make up what’s called international protection.

Financial difficulty or unemployment in your home country does not qualify for international protection.

Where to ask for help in Czechia

If you have crossed the border and entered the Czech Republic and do not know when to ask for help as soon as possible? Below I will present some ways to ask for help:

To the State Government

Please visit these links to reach it.

Guidance from the law

The UNHCR office in the Czech Republic cannot help people with legal advice or representation for their cases. So, you can visit the Organisation for Aid to Refugees (OPU). You can call or send an email to OPU.

You can get help from Non-Governmental Organizations

At Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI):

At Counselling Centre for Integration (PPI):

Charita Czech Republic

It offers Czech foreigners social and health services. It helps refugees and integrates them.

Make contact:

Human Rights Forum

It litigates and advocates for asylum, immigration, and detention rights internationally.

Make contact:

Sorsi: UNHCR

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